LumoNaturals Jungo2.0 Recap by Igbocurls

Hi lovelies!

A few weeks ago, I announced here that I would be a guest trainer at Jungo2.0 hosted by Lumonaturals.  This  event  began  a  few  minutes  after  2pm  on  May  7th  at  Shashliga  Court  and  I  had  the  pleasure  of  meeting  so   many   wonderful  and  beautiful  people  including  all  the  speakers:  Zainab  of   Pink Fleur a Fashion designer, Oduenyi of Cocoterra Naturals, Kiki of Keekstherapy, Esohe of DeepBrownKinks and Debbie of The Learning Corner.

The event started off with a panel of speakers, Oduenyi Okonkwo of Cocoterra    Naturals,     Kiki     Oti of Keekstherapy     and     Esohe of DeepBrownKinks. Oduenyi spoke about the benefits of properly formulated organic products to our hair and she also stressed that just because you cannot see the bacteria in your hair products does not mean it is not there.

Kiki Oti spoke about the importance of our health and how it affects our hair. She stressed that what you eat as well as how well you exercise plays a huge role on the health of your     hair.

Esohe Dan-Aighewi aka Natmaine is one of the only two certified Trichologists in Nigeria. She couldn’t stress enough about how important our hair is in finding out how healthy we are. She also mentioned that our        hair actually has way more functions than we currently know.

When the panel rounded up, we had Zainab the Founder of Pink Fleur present her DIY class.

We made satin bonnets people!

I was arguably the slowest and I know my stitches were hilarious but I completed my task a few days after. The only reason I don’t have a picture is because my sister obtained it immediately I was done. Sigh. There were so many pretty prints to work with and the class was very interactive.

Next speaker was Debbie! She taught us how to crotchet with yarn and my mum was the best student in this class. I struggled for a bit, no lies here, but then I eventually go the hang of it. I’m still crocheting, trying to see if I can make a hat even though I know it’s a long shot.

I was the last speaker and I gave some tips on how to achieve flawless hairstyles and also demonstrated two random styles I had to come up with due to the length of my models hair.

Hey Zinny! She was my model from the attendees.

We also had salads and healthy drinks by @slimtoothabuja on Instagram and there were also freshly squeezed juices available from Lumonaturals.

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This event was fantastic and I enjoyed it despite falling ill a few hours before. I hope to see more of you all at our next one. Watch this space!.. and oh, before I forget, here is a look of how I wore my hair.


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