Welcome to Jungo!

Have you ever felt bad when you had to dispose of everyday items that still feel like they have some use, simply because you can’t figure out what to do with them?

Or do you battle with time when you need to go out and your hair is a hot mess? We know how frustrating those days can get and it doesn’t help a lot when you have so much to do and so little time. But what if we told you there are options, amazing things you can do with stuff lying around your house? No joke. Oh, and don’t forget the hair. That’s very…VERY IMPORTANT!

At Jungo we share easy ways to creatively transform your world with color and style. From Do-It-Yourself classes teaching you how to make the best of your resources at home and work to exploring new ways of making simple household items work for you in ways you never imagine, to the countless ways you can manage your hair (and your kids hair…yes, we didn’t forget them), to art and fashion and…the list goes on and on.africanamericanhaircraft-clip-art-artscrafts

This is what Jungo is all about. We have been doing this for a while now and judging from feedback from our followers and students, we are doing a pretty good job. Our tutors are some of the best around and we always make sure that the environment is fun and interactive. Can we say more? texto_png_fashion__by_dana198-d4qj5a1

Check out our gallery for photos from our earlier events. We are really excited that Jungo has come this far. Yes! This is Jungo and like we always say…make yours!